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 Walk In Closets - Design & Installation

Custom Closets and Storage Solutions

Local family owned and operated business. Orlando FL.

Bedroom storage

Closet systems tailored
to your needs

Transform your closet from a chaotic cluttered mess, to your own personal organized sanctuary.

Our team works directly with you to discover your ideas and specific needs, then fashions them carefully into well crafted design solutions.


Explore Our Walk-In Closets

bedroom storage

Some of the features
we can incorporate include:

  • Adjustable Shelves

  • Valet Rod

  • Sliding Belt Rack

  • Cabinet Doors

  • Security Drawer

  • Island with Drawers

  • Valet Rod

  • Black Velvet Jewelry Drawers

  • Cubbies

  • Drawer 

  • Deco Doors 

  • Base Molding

  • Crown Molding

  • Tie Drawer

  • Tilt-out Hamper

  • Island with Deco Drawers

  • Slanted Shoe Shelves 

  • Adjustable Shelve

  • Wire Baskets

  • Hanging Rod 

  • Mirrors 

  • Shoe Shelves

  • Glass Shelves 

  • Various Hanging Sections 

  • Specialty Moldings

  • Specialty Lighting  

  • Jewelry Trays 

  • Custom Inserts 

  • Accessory Cabinets 

  • Pull-Out Valets 

  • Tie and Belt Racks 

  • Safes

  • Synergy Belt Racks

  • Synergy Tie Racks

  • Synergy Shelf Fence

  • Synergy Valet Rod

  • Synergy Pant Rack

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