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Custom Closet Materials to Fit Your Budget and Style

Custom Closets for Every Space and Budget

Experience the Quality of Locally Made Custom Closets: Elegant and Efficient Storage Solutions
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Colors and Finishes

Solid Colors

Never underestimate the basics with solid color decors. These decor options offer countless design possibilities, from always trendy black to minimalistic monochrome to solids paired with woodgrain or material finishes.

Woodgrain Reproductions

Wood reproductions are increasingly difficult to distinguish from solid wood. They are also more hygienic - given that surface is not porous - easy-to-clean, fade-resistant, and cost-effective. From oak to pear, our design ranges from simple, natural reproductions to exotic, colorful decors.


Glass doors and other styles are available.
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Slab Doors

Slab Doors

Modern, European-style slab doors are easily fabricated with our Eurodekor TFL or PerfectSense Lacquered Boards and ideally matched edge banding. This style of door can be created with any of the decors in the EGGER Decorative Collection, including our authentic embossed-in-register (EIR) woodgrain reproductions, ultra-matte solids and material reproductions. For solid color slab doors, our painting grade TFL and edge banding provide a cost-effective and versatile option by offering a surface su

Shaker-Style 5-Piece

Shaker-Style 5-Piece

Fabricated with Eurodekor TFL and matching edge banding, this traditional style 5-piece door delivers timeless craftsmanship and an impeccable match in color, pattern and texture. The doors are fabricated with a ¼” TFL center panel and ¾” TFL rails and stiles. All materials are manufactured directly by us for the best possible match in color and texture.

Wrapped 3D Laminate

Wrapped 3D Laminate

This seamless fabrication method creates the appearance of a five-piece door, but with just one panel of MDF substrate, simplifying the fabrication process. The center section of the door is routered out on the raw side of the MDF panel to create a profile. The single panel is then covered with 3D Laminate, using a vacuum press to stretch and wrap the foil around the MDF panel. This process seals the edges, with no need for edge banding.

Applied MDF Mouldings

Applied MDF Mouldings

This style of 5-piece door offers diverse profiles with soft, seamless edges. Doors are fabricated by applying 3D Laminate-wrapped MDF mouldings to a ¼” thick Eurodekor TFL center panel. Multi-directional grain patterns and matching woodgrain on the back deliver a convincing real wood look. Working with trusted partners, we have developed complementary MDF door mouldings for 16 decors from the EGGER Decorative Collection.


Hardware Choices






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