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Closet Accessories

Handmade Custom Closet Accessories Designed & Installed

Custom Closets and Storage Solutions

Local family owned and operated business. Orlando FL.


Closet systems tailored
to your needs

The Engage line of accessories is a sophisticated and refined addition to any closet system. Stylishly different with its combination of trendy metals that contrast elegantly with soft fabric components, Engage products offer a unique alternative in closet organization. 

Closet Accessories

Explore Our Closet Accessories


Some of the features
we can incorporate include:

  • Symphony Wall Organizer

  • Illuminated Glass Shelf

  • Engage Collection

  • Racks & Valets

  • Shoe Storage

  • Hooks

  • Decorative Hardware

  • Closet Mirrors

  • Poles - Rods

  • Laundry Hampers

  • Pant Racks

  • Installation Hardware

  • Trackwall Collection

  • Synergy Belt Racks

  • Synergy Tie Racks

  • Synergy Shelf Fence

  • Synergy Valet Rod

  • Synergy Pant Rack

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