Egger colors

Our Environmental Cycle – Sustainability is
more than a word

We stand for the responsible use of wood. But, as in nature, we also organize our processes in cycles that conserve resources. Our focus is on our closed material cycle.

Egger the best material for furniture and interior design applications, including cabinets doors, closet systems, office furniture, store fixtures and architectural wall paneling.



  • Optimal surface properties (such as abrasion and scratch resistance) in accordance with ISO 4586-2

  • Impact and wear-resistant

  • Easy to process

  • Easy to clean

  • Fade-resistant

  • Ideal for vertical applications

  • Environmentally friendly and recyclable

  • Available in the authentic decor patterns and textures

Solid Colors & Whites

Never underestimate the basics with solid color decors. These decor options offer countless design possibilities, from always trendy black to minimalistic monochrome to solids paired with woodgrain or material finishes.

Woodgrain Reproductions

Wood reproductions are increasingly difficult to distinguish from solid wood. They are also more hygienic - given that surface is not porous - easy-to-clean, fade-resistant, and cost-effective. From oak to pear, our design ranges from simple, natural reproductions to exotic, colorful decors.

Feelwood decors

Feelwood textures offer a look and feel that rivals veneers or natural
wood. Capturing the authentic character of the original material,
Feelwood decors provide the added advantages of durable TFL or
a laminate surface, including wear and fade resistance.

Material Reproductions

Material reproductions are perfect for creating a high-end design or trendy industrial looks with stone, concrete, or textile finishes.

PerfectSense decors 
High Gloss

Our high-quality PerfectSense super-matte and ultra-gloss surfaces combine visual perfection with a tactile experience, delivering an upscale look and feel to cabinetry, furniture, and commercial interior design.

PerfectSense decors 
Matt & Topmatt

PerfectSense Matt surfaces provide a trendy,
satiny smooth finish coupled with scratch and
fingerprint resistance. The sophisticated look of
PerfectSense Matt is also enhanced with a surface
that has a soft-like touch and feel.